Wednesday, December 26, 2007

WOMEN AND SAX - Candy Dulfer

Maybe it's just me but I've yet to find a female saxophonist that knocks my socks off. I realize that maybe I'm not being fair and that I'm listening with a prejudiced ear. I like a couple of them and I'm still looking to find one who makes me say, "You've got to hear this woman play!"

When I listen to music I want to buy my personal taste is to hear something that makes my head start to sway, my eyes close and a smile touch my lips. I want to hear the saxophonist speaking from his/her soul in the notes they play. I want that little extra something in what I hear that makes me say, "Yeah!" There are a lot of really good saxophonists out there but not everyone has that extra little umph! that comes from the soul.

To me, a lot of saxophonists are just playing the notes and the true enjoyment of sax is that when the saxophonist is really good and plays from the heart, it's as if I hear words and they are talking to my soul with notes.


Candy Dulfer is really good but for my personal taste I don't feel the extra something that makes me want to run out and buy her CD. Again, maybe I'm listening with a preconceived notion that women can't play sax so they're doomed before I even hear them. Because Candy Dulfer seems to be pretty popular I've included her in my blog of saxophonists. Whether or not she's got sax appeal I'll leave up to you.

I do like this clip of Candy and I'm still looking to find something that I just have to have to add to my iPOD. You be the judge.

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Anonymous said...

Your riddle is solved right there by the Youtube clip that you post. She's 1,000 times better than, say, KennyG, whose syrupy scales have made him even more popular than Candy.