Sunday, December 30, 2007


Right about now you're looking at this thinking, why is there a picture of chicken and gravy on this jazz page? Well, right about now I'm sitting here laughing my head off. Imagine my surprise when I went to view my new blog entry and it showed up on my jazz page. :-D I moved it but thought what the heck. I'll leave it here to make you hungry and remind you how nice it is to listen to a little jazz while you're cooking; how nice it is to have a little jazz playing when your special dinner guest comes over for dinner and you want the mood just right.

If you are interested in how I made this chicken and gravy it's in my other blog CRAFTING FOOL. LOL!

Now back to the regularly scheduled jazz venture.

1 comment:

G@ttoGiallo, the Instigator said...

Oh yes, LOL !!!
Taking a sightseeing to your production...
1)You're a good photomaker and I appreciate your visit on G@G/Nigeria even more,
2)You like jazz - so do I,
3)You cook listening to jazz...
You great !