Thursday, March 13, 2008


Don Bynum is another saxophonist I ran across on I've been listening to him for the last few minutes and I'm so mellowed out it's great! Check out his myspace link above to get a taste of the mellow sax appeal that kept me company as I wrote this.

Like Darron McKinney in the previous post, I'll be keeping an eye out on Don Bynum. He performed with and did several world tours with the Commodores and has other accomplishment to his name. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a video clip to share so make sure you visit his MySpace page to listen to take a listen for yourself.


Audiocaviar said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for supporting the music.

Warm regards,

Cheryl Hughey
on behalf of Donn Bynum

Donn Bynum said...

I hope you already have my latest cd "My Favorite Songs"! If so, enjoy!!,

Musically yours,

Donn Bynum