Wednesday, December 26, 2007

WOMEN AND SAX - Virginia Mayhew

Look who I found this morning! I've been on the internet looking for women saxophonists and you know what? There aren't any that are showing up. Well, there are some but very few current ones. I've given you the two below, Candy Dulfer and Pamela Williams but even they didn't show up when I searced for women saxophonists. Where are you ladies? I know you're out there.

So anyhew, I ran across Virginia Mayhew and I think the lady sounds really good but you can judge for yourself. The bad thing is I can't find a video clip with her in it. It's too bad because I'd like to see this woman in action. If you click on her website there are some music samples that automatically play in the music player at the top of the site.

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