Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I found Eric Darius while browsing pages on MySpace and when I first heard Eric Darius I was an instant fan and immediately purchase some of his music. You'll just have to sample some of his music to see what I mean. Everything I've read about him on the internet is very favorable including an article that was written on him when he was only seventeen years old.

From CD101.9 Smooth Jazz

In 2001, Darius released CRUISIN' independently at the age of 17. "I started writing music for this CD since I was 13. One of the major things that inspired me to make this album was the thought of “cruisin” in my own car!" Darius goes on to mention that, since then, composing is his most personal expression. "I love to write my own music because that is something that comes from deeply within, and I want my listeners to really be able to feel what I felt when I wrote it. I love playing my instrument because it allows me to communicate with others on a personal level, and I intend on doing this for the rest of my life."

I was hoping to find a clean video performance but wasn't too thrilled with what was available. The clip below begins with a slideshow of pictures then leads into a performance.

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