Thursday, December 27, 2007


Oh my goodness! You've got to hear this 18 year old play! I just happened to find him while browing on Google, saw the intro of a review praising this 18 year old and clicked in. Instantly hooked! LOL! writes:

Saxophonist and composer, Alex Han, is widely regarded as the “Young Jazz Lion” of his generation. With performances at well over a dozen internationally recognized Jazz venues, countless musical awards, and a refreshingly original sound, he is fast becoming one of the most influential young players to enter the scene....

By age seventeen, Han won the17th Annual Yamaha Young Performing Artists (YYPA) Competition for saxophone which is designed to provide early career recognition for outstanding young musicians in the United States. He was also selected for an alto chair on the 2005 Monterey Jazz Festival Next Generation Orchestra.

If you don't believe me or AllAboutJazz, take a listen when you play the clip below:

Now that's what I call a little sax appeal!


iriegal said...

This dude can blow!!!! amazing.

2sweetnsaxy said...

He is great. I can only image what a few years are going to add to his style. Thanks for the comment.