Thursday, June 19, 2008


There are many types of jazz and I hope I'm presenting a little bit of each style. This is for the contemporary jazz fans.

Michael Lington is someone very new to me, just heard him for the first time when adding him as a friend on my MySpace page. I took a listen and this someone I definitely thought was worth adding in my list of musicians with sax appeal. Smooth, easy and saxy.

Quoting from his biography on his website: "Michael Lington has demonstrated his contemporary saxophone chops with a steady stream of chart-toppers since his debut album in 1997. His CD, Stay with Me, yielded three Radio & Records national jazz hits with “Show Me” at # 2; “Two of a Kind” at # 2; and “Pacifica” at # 6. Stay With Me also remained on the Billboard contemporary jazz chart for a total of 24 weeks. “Twice In a Lifetime” and “Sunset” from Vivid; and “Still Thinking of You” from Lington’s Everything Must Change all went Top 5 as well. His duet with Bobby Caldwell on “Tell It Like It Is” from his self-titled debut, ascended both the jazz and adult contemporary charts."

Sunday, June 15, 2008


(October 20,1936 - November 5, 1996)

Eddie Harris was best know for playing tenor sax but before playing sax he first played the vibraphone in school and due to a teacher had to play the clarinet before he was allowed to play the sax. You might want to know the man also played piano and was proficient with each instrument.

Back in one of my first few posts I mentionted that I was introduced to jazz thanks to my father and my brother who is still a fan. To be honest, I didn't know the name Eddie Harris when I heard it but I sure as heck knew this one in the video clip below! This is the jazz I grew up on.

And then having heard that one I had to post this which is another I'm very familiar with. Eddie Harris and Les McCann - Compared to What. I did a post on Les McCann on my other blog.


I really don't know much about Steve Coleman. He's someone I just found out about and will definitely be looking into a little more. He is a saxophonist and composer and has been an huge influence on contemporary jazz. He began the group Steve Coleman and The Five Elements in 1981.

If you've been to this blog before, you know I'm not one for giving a long bio on my sax players. I just give you the links and let you read what I would just repeat. I just like introducing you to them, giving you a little taste and letting you decided for yourself if this is your kind of sax appeal. I will tell you that the link to has the best read-up on Steve Coleman and is their official website.

It took me just a little while to find a video that got right to the point of showing Steve Coleman playing the sax but this is a good one. Sorry if I offend anyone but I really don't get the chick on stage "dancing". Bounce the babe and just do the jazz. :-D

Monday, June 9, 2008


(02/22/1913 - 02/10/2001)

George Holmes "Buddy" Tate was considered to be one of the greatest jazz saxophonisst of his time. He also played the clarinet. He played with Count Basie's band and a few others after that before becoming famous in his own right. for approximately nine years and was inducted into the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame in 1988.


(10/29/1925 - 03/23/1985)

I've heard the name "Zoot" Sims for a long time though he wasn't someone I was particularly knowledgeable of, if I heard the name, I knew it was jazz. Zoot Sims played tenor and soprano sax. He played with famous bands and musicians such as Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Stan Kenton, and Buddy Rich. Unfortunately I didn't find much information on Zoot Sims which is rather sad but I found plenty of video clips so this will be a two video post. What I lack in information I will make up for in a little smooth and sultry, old classic and sexy sax appeal.

This is romantic music. I can easily close my eyes and imagine it's just after a quite dinner by candelight, we're sharing a bottole of wine when he pulls me up into his arms, I rest my head on his chest and we slowly move to the music as we get lost in this mellow, jazzy melody...


(05/17/1931 - 09/02/2006)
European Jazz Network

I learned something new today in jazz. While looking for more jazz saxophonists I have not heard of before, I came across Dewey Redman. Anyone who is already a huge jazz fan is probably shaking their head at me wondering how I never heard of him before. I've got no excuse. In reading about him I discoverd he is the father or one of my favorite saxophonists Joshua Redman. He's played with Ornette Coleman for a few years and another few years with Keith Jarrett. He's also performed and recorded with Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny.

I could only find a few video clips of Dewey Redman so enough text and on to the sample of his sax appeal. You can check out more information about this tenor saxophonist at the links above.

Friday, June 6, 2008


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Doing my usual I won't say a lot about David Sanchez but will let you listen for yourself. I'll mention the usual like he plays tenor sax. He played with Dizzie Gillespie for a few years until Dizzie died. He signed on with Columbia records where he released 7 CD's and won a Grammy in 2005. You can check out the links above his picture and there is also an excellent post over at The Latin Jazz Corner which is a post that reminded me I'd left David Sanchez out of those who have definite sax appeal.