Sunday, December 30, 2007


Right about now you're looking at this thinking, why is there a picture of chicken and gravy on this jazz page? Well, right about now I'm sitting here laughing my head off. Imagine my surprise when I went to view my new blog entry and it showed up on my jazz page. :-D I moved it but thought what the heck. I'll leave it here to make you hungry and remind you how nice it is to listen to a little jazz while you're cooking; how nice it is to have a little jazz playing when your special dinner guest comes over for dinner and you want the mood just right.

If you are interested in how I made this chicken and gravy it's in my other blog CRAFTING FOOL. LOL!

Now back to the regularly scheduled jazz venture.

Friday, December 28, 2007


I recently heard of this lady thanks to Chipboaz and his Latin Jazz blog. I think I'm going to have to take back what I was saying in a previous post when I wondered if women could play sax as well as men. Well, I still not thoroughly convinced but this is the second female sax player I've heard and posted about that have my ears WIDE open.

Wish I could find a video clip... but I can't.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Oh my goodness! You've got to hear this 18 year old play! I just happened to find him while browing on Google, saw the intro of a review praising this 18 year old and clicked in. Instantly hooked! LOL! writes:

Saxophonist and composer, Alex Han, is widely regarded as the “Young Jazz Lion” of his generation. With performances at well over a dozen internationally recognized Jazz venues, countless musical awards, and a refreshingly original sound, he is fast becoming one of the most influential young players to enter the scene....

By age seventeen, Han won the17th Annual Yamaha Young Performing Artists (YYPA) Competition for saxophone which is designed to provide early career recognition for outstanding young musicians in the United States. He was also selected for an alto chair on the 2005 Monterey Jazz Festival Next Generation Orchestra.

If you don't believe me or AllAboutJazz, take a listen when you play the clip below:

Now that's what I call a little sax appeal!


I had never heard of James Carter until recently but everything I've read about him while doing a little research has given him nothing but praise. I also read something on his website about doing a Saxophone Concierto by composer Robert Sierra and now I have to find this just so I can listen to it. You must read what Robert Sierra said about it here and you'll want to hear it too.

There is a clip below on one of his performances. There is also a clip I posted in my post on Joshua Redman where the two men play together.

(September 23, 1926 - July 17, 196)

I don't know if I've already mentioned that I was introduced to jazz at an early age because it was what my father listened to. Whenever we went to the beach dad would have his radio and it would be tuned in to the jazz station. I can't hear a certain type of jazz without thinking of the beach or my father.

John Coltrane was one of my dad's favorites and I will always picture the album "Blue Train" in his small collection of his favorites. When I think of John Coltrane I hear Blue Train.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Coltrane has been credited with reshaping modern jazz and being the predominant influence on successive generations of saxophonists. Like tenor saxophonists Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, and Ben Webster before him, Coltrane fundamentally altered expectations for the instrument.

Coltrane received a posthumous Special Citation from the Pulitzer Prize Board in 2007 for his "masterful improvisation, supreme musicianship and iconic centrality to the history of jazz.

This clip is Miles Davis and John Coltrane and I chose it because it has my father written all over it.


I wsa first introduced to Gato Barbieri when I heard Europa for the first time. I'm sure you've heard this one. Though this particular song is not as jazzy as I like it was very nice and mellow and I wanted to hear more of his music. Hmmm... If it's just music is it still called a song?

I only have one of Gato Barbieri's CD's because though I like him, his music is a little too "soft" for my usual taste.


Did you know the saxophone is the newest of the woodwinds instruments and was invented in 1845 by a Belgian, Adolphe Sax who learned to make instruments as a child in his father's shop. He invented fourteen types of saxophones. He studied clarinet and flute and decided to construct an instrument that would give the sound between a clarinet and the flute. It was mostly used in bands but gained popularity in the 20's because of jazz bands.

The most commonly used saxophones are the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone.

History of sax:;

Just a tidbit of info on this instrument that I enjoy so much.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I found Eric Darius while browsing pages on MySpace and when I first heard Eric Darius I was an instant fan and immediately purchase some of his music. You'll just have to sample some of his music to see what I mean. Everything I've read about him on the internet is very favorable including an article that was written on him when he was only seventeen years old.

From CD101.9 Smooth Jazz

In 2001, Darius released CRUISIN' independently at the age of 17. "I started writing music for this CD since I was 13. One of the major things that inspired me to make this album was the thought of “cruisin” in my own car!" Darius goes on to mention that, since then, composing is his most personal expression. "I love to write my own music because that is something that comes from deeply within, and I want my listeners to really be able to feel what I felt when I wrote it. I love playing my instrument because it allows me to communicate with others on a personal level, and I intend on doing this for the rest of my life."

I was hoping to find a clean video performance but wasn't too thrilled with what was available. The clip below begins with a slideshow of pictures then leads into a performance.


Alfonzo Blackwell is someone else that I've just recently discovered. He may not be new to anyone else but he's new to me. His style is right up my alley and as soon as I get a chance I'll be looking for some of his music to buy and add to my iPod.

This tidbit of information was copied from Alonzo's website.

Alfonzo blasted on the contemporary jazz scene in 1995 with his debut CD release, “Let’s Imagine”. He broke the mold upon his arrival. He garnered great success and critical acclaim with all of his CD projects while delivering his unique musical style. Top 10 radio hits including “Alfonzo’s Love Theme”, “Herminia”, “Passion” and “Funky Shuffle” contribute to his many accomplishments. Alfonzo’s music videos have struck an indelible chord with such original content; he received recognition with Billboard Award nominations. He also composes themes for movies as well as television, having co-written the theme song to the internationally successful television show, “Baywatch Nights” where he was featured every week with David Hasselhoff. Among honing his craft of playing alto, soprano and tenor saxophones, he is a well accomplished bass, drum, guitar and piano player. He has graced the stage and performed with numerous music greats which includes Gladys Knight, The Whispers and Roy Ayers to name a few. He also performs with contemporary soul artists such as Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans and Brian McKnight.

Here is a clip I found where Alonzo does an interview on BET.

Here is another video clip which is very nice, smooth and mellow.

WOMEN AND SAX - Virginia Mayhew

Look who I found this morning! I've been on the internet looking for women saxophonists and you know what? There aren't any that are showing up. Well, there are some but very few current ones. I've given you the two below, Candy Dulfer and Pamela Williams but even they didn't show up when I searced for women saxophonists. Where are you ladies? I know you're out there.

So anyhew, I ran across Virginia Mayhew and I think the lady sounds really good but you can judge for yourself. The bad thing is I can't find a video clip with her in it. It's too bad because I'd like to see this woman in action. If you click on her website there are some music samples that automatically play in the music player at the top of the site.


Image from:

Sonny Rollins is what I call classic jazz.

I think this is a great video clip telling a little about Sonny Rollins and his history in jazz.

There is also a very nice article here about Sonny Rollins as well:

This is another clip I like.

WOMEN AND SAX - Pamela Wiliams

Feeling how I do about women in jazz (read my post after this one), I do have a CD of Pamela Williams. She's not bad but I really like the CD because she has various well known artists singing with her as she plays.

By the way, I got these pictures from another interesting site you might want to take a look at. NBL - Nothing But Love.

Still not convince that women can soulfully compete with men when it comes to having that full sax appeal but they are coming into their own. You be the judge.

Add to My Profile | More Videos

WOMEN AND SAX - Candy Dulfer

Maybe it's just me but I've yet to find a female saxophonist that knocks my socks off. I realize that maybe I'm not being fair and that I'm listening with a prejudiced ear. I like a couple of them and I'm still looking to find one who makes me say, "You've got to hear this woman play!"

When I listen to music I want to buy my personal taste is to hear something that makes my head start to sway, my eyes close and a smile touch my lips. I want to hear the saxophonist speaking from his/her soul in the notes they play. I want that little extra something in what I hear that makes me say, "Yeah!" There are a lot of really good saxophonists out there but not everyone has that extra little umph! that comes from the soul.

To me, a lot of saxophonists are just playing the notes and the true enjoyment of sax is that when the saxophonist is really good and plays from the heart, it's as if I hear words and they are talking to my soul with notes.


Candy Dulfer is really good but for my personal taste I don't feel the extra something that makes me want to run out and buy her CD. Again, maybe I'm listening with a preconceived notion that women can't play sax so they're doomed before I even hear them. Because Candy Dulfer seems to be pretty popular I've included her in my blog of saxophonists. Whether or not she's got sax appeal I'll leave up to you.

I do like this clip of Candy and I'm still looking to find something that I just have to have to add to my iPOD. You be the judge.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Joshua Redman style is not smooth jazz but he's very good and I like him anyway. If you take a look at his website and the video clip of a sample of his style, I think you'll see why I like him. He definitely has that sax appeal! James Carter too!

I love this clip of Joshua Redman playing with James Carter at Carnegie Hall.


Blow baby, blow!

Smooth Jazz Cruise 2008

I'm booked on a Smooth Jazz Cruise next month and I can't wait to go. It's my first jazz cruise but the line-up is like a smooth jazz dream come true:

Norman Brown
Nick Colionne
Boney James
Marion Meadows
Larry Carlton
Paul Taylor
Steve Oliver
Chieli Minucci
Alan Hewitt
Acoustic Alchemy

I'll have a ton of picture and maybe even some mini video clips when I return that I'll most definitely share.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Of all the artists I listen to, I think I have every one of Kim Waters' CD's and I will buy them without even pre-listening to them. I can guarantee that Kim Waters will always give sexy sax, something that will make me close my eyes, smile and drift away to wherever he takes me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There weren't many video clips of Kim Waters which surprises me but I did find this one. It doesn't show him performing but you can still sit back and enjoy...

Sax me up!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

(September 15, 1957 - March 20, 1998)

George Howard was given his first break by Grover Washington, Jr. who asked him on tour in 1979. His first album was released in 1982. We lost George Howard to cancer.

I really enjoyed George Howard's sweet, saxiness and it's sad that so much talent is no longer with us but his sweet melodies will live on. The first CD I purchased was Attitude Adjustment which has some uptempo, funky tunes I wish I could share. I will share what I can.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



I don't know why I've brushed by Kirk Whalum for so long, something I've rectified as I'm in the process of discovering his music and purchasing music to add to my collection and my iPOD. If you'd like to hear a little more of Kirk Whalum you can visit his MySpace Page.

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Here is a video clip of Kirk Whalum discussing his new album:

This video is just a motion video but the music is...oh, so nice. Just let it play while you keep browsing this blog.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


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I've been listening to Marion Meadows for quite a little while now and I thoroughly enjoy his saxy, funky style plus, he's a really nice looking man. That matters not. His style alone is why I've purchased several of his CD's and will always have my ear turned towards anything he does.

Marion and/or his people seem to have a really strong hold on his music, not that I blame him but it makes it really difficult to easily share why I enjoy his music. For samples of his style you'll have to just visit his website.

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Wait! I did find a music video. I'll admit the clip isn't interesting (to me), but the music is very nice.


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Dave McMurray is another artist I found on MySpace by flipping through friends lists. I was instantly impressed and thought he was right up my style alley. If you visit his MySpace link you can hear samples of the music that caught my attention and had my head rocking and swaying to his saxy beat. The video below is the only video I could find but it's one that displays this man's wonderful talent.

It's just saxylicious!


While I'm definitely one for sharing my favorites, tunes and video clips, I do so because I so love and enjoy the musicians I listen to. But I am avidly FOR buying their music. I post these because I want everyone to enjoy my favorites the way I do. I feel I can only do that by giving you samples of what I love. But I encourage everyone to please BUY THE MUSIC.

How would you feel if you put your blood sweat and tears into your livelihood only to find that people are sneaking around your back making copies and buying it for free leaving you with nothing to show for your work?

Buy the music.


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Walter Beasley is one of my favorite saxophonist. Well, all of the ones I list are one of my favorites. Samples of his music are available on his website or on his MySpace page.

Walter has workshop videos both on his site and on YouTube. This is a sample of one below but is actually one of the only full performance videos I could find.

Friday, December 14, 2007


August 3, 1961 - November 23, 1996

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We lost one of my favorite saxophonists. Art Porter was in Thailand performing at a jazz festival. After the festival he went boating and the boat overturned. He and several others drowned. The CD For Art's Sake was released in his honor and is filled with songs he composed and played but had not put on any album.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think it's sad that there isn't much information available on the net for some musicians. I did find this interesting bit of information on Make sure you read it or you'll miss the interesting part of the story:

Art Porter, Jr. was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1961. At the age of 9 Porter joined his father's band as a drummer and played with them into his teenage years. Soon after this, Porter began to be drawn to the saxophone after noticing it's melodic abilities, and began to play it during shows with his the band, "The Art Porter Trio". When Porter turned 16, he began to be barred from clubs because he was under 21. It was during this time that he was arrested and charged with working under-age in a night club serving alcoholic beverages. Then Arkansas Attorney General, and future President of the United States Bill Clinton, who was also a saxophonist, intervened to get the charges dropped and pushed for the law to be changed to allow under-age musicians to appear in adult facilities as long as their legal guardian accompanied them. This law became known as "The Art Porter Bill".

In memory of Art Porter, Jr. - your saxiness will live on in my heart.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It's very unfortunate that I can't find much information about Urban Knights on the internet because they deserve much more attention that I believe they get. Quoted from

The smooth jazz group Urban Knights has brought together some of the best-known names in the field of smooth jazz, along with rising new talent, for a series of albums showcasing both new music and covers. The group's original lineup, created for a self-titled debut in 1995, featured Ramsey Lewis on piano and Grover Washington, Jr. on saxophone, backed up by Omar Hakim on drums and Victor Bailey on bass. As the mainstay of the group, Ramsey Lewis is the only member who has been with the group since its inception, appearing on all of their albums. The group's releases include Urban Knights in 1995, Urban Knights II in 1997, Urban Knights III in 2000, Urban Knights IV in 2001, and Urban Knights V, which hit music store shelves in 2003.

To read more about this group visit this link:

I must also give a high-five to the fact that on most of the covers they've used the art of one of my favorite artists Charles Bibbs. Very cool!

If you want to hear a sample of their style the only link I could find was this one at Scroll down to the bottom where the samples are selected and just listen. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Cal Bennett is someone I discovered while browsing around on MySpace because as far as I'm concerned Cal Bennett is HOT!. I'm so glad I found him.

If you check out Cal Bennett's website, if you don't hear anything, there is an ON/OFF button on the bottom right.

Discover the jazz in you. Get saxy!


I have to admit that I have seen this artist's name before but I've kind of glanced right by it, overlooked it. Okay, maybe I have to admit that I was unconsciously and musically prejudiced and didn't think an Asian man could put the soul into some sax that I like feel thorugh my ears. I was soooo wrong and because of that, Jeff Kashiwa is my artist on display.


I can't find any videos of Jeff Kashiwa except this one but I think it's really interesting because he's playing a different kind of instrument explained in the clip. But just listen to this man and then click on the other links that will give you a sample of what I've discovered.

A little sax goes a deliciously long way.